CEO Message

“To call TwentyOne a passion project, would be an understatement. This project is what I aim to be my identity, so that when I walk in a crowd, people identify me with it. It is the mark that I want to leave on the world. It’s my contribution to my land. A place where people prosper and grow.”

Iqbal Mithani

CEO Twenty one

About US

We at Twenty One are the dreamers in the real estate business, dreamers for building lasting relationship that forms the basis for the mini Karachi away from the hustle bustle of gigantic metropolis. Owning a home is the dream for many of us. It’s the cornerstone of relationships that people build their lives around. Twenty one understand that for people to continue dreaming and achieving, owning a house is the one big dream that will make people feel comfortable enough to feel satisfied with what one has achieved.

CEO Twenty One