The Ultimate solution to all your commercial
needs – TwentyOne will have separate
zones for the provision of services in trade,
finance, technology and commerce.
The first element of TwentyOnes logo!
Based in the center of the CPEC Industrial Zone and
Nooriabad Commercial Zone, we plan to build the commercial
hub of TwentyOne to not only serve our residents by providing
career and business opportunities but also boost economic
growth in the country.

Amenities & accessibility go hand in hand. At
TwentyOne we are working to ensure that our
residents find every necessity within close
proximity while still keeping the balance to
ensure their comfort & convenience.
The planning of TwentyOne is a breakthrough
in its own right! Our vision: Make TwentyOne a
safe investment for your today & also the
safest place to live in for your family’s

With our residential sector, Twenty-one plans to
redefine the concept of fine living. It’s not just a
plot of land that you book with us.
Its the landscape of your vision built with the highest
standard of materials & equipped with the best facilities.
The third element of TwentyOne’s logo
represents the cornerstone that a majority of
our people build their lives around: Owning a

With TwentyOne you can experience a unique
combination of entertainment, one that
comprises of both modern recreational
facilities while also reconnecting with nature.
To ensure that our residents lead a truly fulfilled
life, we are working to bring opportunities of
leisure and entertainment right in the locality!